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About Us

Tranz4m is a family owned and operated enterprise that focuses on the products and services enabling and/or created by Mass Customization.

As a lifestyle experience Tranz4m focuses on the Style, Entertainment, Technology, and Information that our customers need to help them to develop custom products and services.

Tranz4m was born of a need to find clothes that fit (my oddly shaped body) and that were stylish.

Back in the early days of Hip Hop, when I came of age, everyone was being creative; sewing, painting and dyeing clothes to make them unique and personal.

I was no different.

In graduate school is where I first started studying Mass customization and it occur to me that it might be a way of bringing all these things together.

In a sense, Tranz4m is when a need, an interested, and a passion meet a solution.

Bespoke tailoring. Original Design

Our History


Tranz4m is about you. We provide the tools for you to tailor your experience.


Whether you want to design yourself a private label wardrobe or entertain yourself while passing the time, Tranz4m has you covered.

Maybe you want to do your job better and have more money and time to spent with the family, Tranz4m provides the technology and information to make it happen.




Our Experience


Thanks to our unique strategic relationships, we are able to bring you the tools you need to Tranz4m.

Use Sumo-paint, the online layer based image editor, and our fashion designers archive to design it from scratch or use the Tranz4m configurator to design and style yourself with our help.

Use Soundation to create your master piece or listen to local artists on Soundcloud. Listen to Tranz4m Radio or find a show using our Soundkick app.

Our interactive map allows you to find dinner, a show and lodging based on your location.

Use Tranz4m the Blog and Tranz4um to stay in touch with us and with each other.




Our Commitment


As a lifestyle experience we are heavily dependent on information. As such:

We pledge to never share your information with anyone outside or our strategic partnership network and never without your permission. Further, we pledge to be your first choice for Style, Entertainment, Technology, and Information enabling and/or created through Mass Customization.

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